s5 (s5) wrote,

this is about to get yucky.

starting tomorrow, olivia and i will begin detoxing, cleansing, fasting, all of that. and this here livejournal is going to be my fasting diary. that's right, every day, an update about what's going into and what's coming out of my body. do you think you can handle that? i bet you can't. well, lucky for you, i tend to be squeemish about even my own body, so i'll probably find some catchy euphemisms for all the nasty details. woo hoo!

so what's the purpose of all of this? quite simply, to clean out the inside of my body. sure, i've been vegetarian for almost 10 years, but stuff still accumulates. this leads to sickness, general slugishness, and other bad things. here's a good article about fasting, in case you're mildly curious.

for those of you who've done it before, i'm sure you'll find it interesting, amusing, or pathetic as i stumble through my first fast.

here's the (rough) plan, which will be refined as we go along.

one week of simple, plain, boring whole foods.
one week of juice fasting.
one week of simple, plain, boring whole foods.

in reality, it will be more like a curve, with gradual transitions between the steps, and taking care to come out of the fast gently. also to be consumed: lots of fiber and various other cleansing herbs. i'll detail these as i post updates.

half of me is excited to be making a major lifestyle change, and the other half is filled with dread and self-doubt. we'll see which side of me wins! place your bets now.
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