s5 (s5) wrote,

spring cleaning, revisited.

Here's a post from March 13th 2002 wherein excitable past s5 todo-lists himself into hypothetical order and harmony. I'll just paste it here, no need to click through.

(1) purge old crap.
(2) set up the basement as a workshop.
(3) add nice things to the extra bedroom so it becomes a yoga/hippy room.
(4) lots of cleaning. scrub grubby walls. clean mold from poorly ventilated bathroom.
(5) consolidate all burning man items into easily stored bins.
(6) cancel all useless services that i'm still paying for.
(7) file paperwork, bills, and evil tax things.
(8) unsubscribe from mailing lists that i no longer post to or care about.
(9) archive email. inbox size right now = 60,453 messages
(10) pull up weeds in the garden.
(11) sell useless things, like the stereo rack and the two synth racks.

A few things have changed since then: The bathroom was remodeled and is no longer poorly ventilated or moldy; I capitalize properly; the other person implied by the existence of such a list is no longer in my life; inbox size is now 32,479 (progress!); I no longer go to Burning Man.

Otherwise, the list for June 24th 2013 is no different than the list for March 13th 2002. Evil tax things, weeds, unwanted objects, well-meaning plans for yoga and revitalized spare rooms/basements/workshops.

It's time for a new list.
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