s5 (s5) wrote,

Sounding the alarm

After months of being way behind in the polls, prop 8 in California (the ballot prop to ban gay marriage) is now just barely ahead:


Here's what happened: The Mormons got involved in fundraising, and the gay community got complacent from the good poll numbers all summer. So the homophobes are essentially buying public opinion by airing unanswered ads on TV, pushing all sorts of scary crap about how gay marriage means little children will be shown buttsex demos in public school, or whatever it is they're saying.

So in case it wasn't completely obvious, now would be a good time to donate to the No on 8 side. Even if you don't live in California. This is about human rights and dignity, which extends beyond California's borders.

What I want to know is, since when do the Mormons have any moral authority to get involved in a debate about marriage? They need to pack that shit up and take it back to Utah with their spooky underpants and child brides.
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